About the Site

The UCLA Library Broadcast NewsScape contains digitized television news programs collected from cable and broadcast sources in the Los Angeles area from 2005 to the present, as well as a small number of news programs recorded from other domestic and international markets. The archive includes more than 400,000 recorded news programs of more than 440,000 hours in total duration, consisting of at least 100 distinct programs and more than 1.5 billion words of accompanying closed-captioning texts and program listings, which are indexed and time-referenced to enable full-text searching and interactive playback.

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Project Participants

The NewsScape began as a research-oriented collection in the UCLA Department of Communication Studies, supported by Social Sciences Computing. Professor Tim Groeling and Professor Francis Steen coordinated the scheduling, capture, encoding, storage, and analysis of the collection's contents from 2005 to 2012. The present archive is a joint effort of the UCLA Department of Communication Studies and the UCLA Library division of Digital Initiatives and Information Technology.


Joo, Jungseock, Francis Steen, and Mark Turner (2017). “Red Hen Lab: Dataset and Tools for Multimodal Human Communication Research.” KI - Künstliche Intelligenz. Springer. Special edition edited by Mehul Bhatt & Kristian Kersting. https://doi.org/10.1007/s13218-017-0505-9. Print ISSN 0933-1875. Online ISSN1610-1987

Project Staff

Prof. Francis Steen, UCLA Department of Communication Studies - Principal Investigator
Todd Grappone, UCLA Associate University Librarian for Digital Initiatives and Information Technology
Sharon E. Farb, UCLA Associate University Librarian for Collection management and Scholarly Communication
Mike Franks, UCLA Social Sciences Computing
Kai Chan, UCLA Social Sciences Computing
Julie Chen, UCLA Social Sciences Computing
Peter Broadwell, CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow in Digital Initiatives and Information Technology, UCLA Library
Henry Chiong, UCLA Digital Library Programmer
Parinita Ghorpade, UCLA Digital Library Programmer
Charles Castro, UCLA Library Information Technology

Special Thanks

Scott L. Waugh, UCLA Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost, for his support of the archive during its early development.
Prof. Paul Rosenthal, UCLA Department of Communication Studies, for his active participation in the early development of the archive.

Collection History

From January 2005 until October 2006, the archive was in a pilot phase and had a limited recording schedule, capturing the following programs:

Beginning in October 2006, the archive expanded its acquisition schedule to include the following programs:

On August 1, 2007, the following programs were added:

In addition, the collection acquires news coverage of major political events on an ad-hoc basis; the advanced search page contains a full list of regularly scheduled and special event programming by network.